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Latvia International Airports

Latvia Airports


List of airports in Latvia

Map of Latvia

This is a list of airports in Latvia, sorted by location.

Latvia (Latvian: Latvija), officially the Republic of Latvia (Latvijas Republika), is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by Estonia, to the south by Lithuania, to the east by the Russian Federation, and to the southeast by Belarus. Across the Baltic Sea to the west lies Sweden. The capital of Latvia is Riga. The local time is GMT+2 (GMT+3 DST).


Names shown in bold indicate airports with scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

City served / Location ICAO IATA Name Coordinates
Civil aerodromes
Adaži EVAD Adaži Airfield 5705′54″N 02415′58″E / 57.09833N 24.26611E / 57.09833; 24.26611 (Adaži Airfield)
Daugavpils EVDA DGP Daugavpils International Airport (under development) 5556′33″N 02640′06″E / 55.9425N 26.66833E / 55.9425; 26.66833 (Daugavpils Airport)
Liepāja EVLA LPX Liepāja International Airport 5631′03″N 02105′49″E / 56.5175N 21.09694E / 56.5175; 21.09694 (Liepāja Airport)
Riga EVRA RIX Riga International Airport 5655′25″N 02358′16″E / 56.92361N 23.97111E / 56.92361; 23.97111 (Riga International Airport)
Riga EVRS Spilve Airport 5659′28″N 02404′30″E / 56.99111N 24.075E / 56.99111; 24.075 (Spilve Airport)
Ventspils EVVA VNT Ventspils International Airport 5721′28″N 02132′39″E / 57.35778N 21.54417E / 57.35778; 21.54417 (Ventspils International Airport)
Military air bases
Jelgava EVEA Jelgava Air Base 5640′22″N 02340′45″E / 56.67278N 23.67917E / 56.67278; 23.67917 (Jelgava Air Base)
Jēkabpils EVKA Jēkabpils Air Base 5632′05″N 02553′33″E / 56.53472N 25.8925E / 56.53472; 25.8925 (Jēkabpils Air Base)
Lielvārde EVGA Lielvārde Air Base 5646′42″N 02451′14″E / 56.77833N 24.85389E / 56.77833; 24.85389 (Lielvārde Air Base)
Riga EVRC Rumbula Air Base 5653′00″N 02413′36″E / 56.8833333N 24.22667E / 56.8833333; 24.22667 (Rumbula Air Base)
Tukums EVTA Tukums Air Base 5656′32″N 02313′26″E / 56.94222N 23.22389E / 56.94222; 23.22389 (Tukums Air Base)
Vaiņode EVFA Vainode Air Base 5624′20″N 02153′13″E / 56.40556N 21.88694E / 56.40556; 21.88694 (Vainode Air Base)
Valmiera Liepas Air Base 5723′12″N 02530′30″E / 57.38667N 25.50833E / 57.38667; 25.50833 (Liepas Air Base)


Baltic's busiest airports by passenger traffic in 2009
Rank City Airport Passengers (2009)
1.  Latvia Riga Riga International Airport 4,066,793
2.  Estonia Tallinn Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport 1,346,236
3.  Lithuania Vilnius Vilnius Airport 1,310,000
4.  Lithuania Kaunas Kaunas International Airport 456,698
5.  Lithuania Palanga Palanga International Airport 104,600
6.  Estonia Kuressaare Kuressaare Airport 19,519
7.  Estonia Tartu Tartu Airport 9,707
   Estonia Kardla Hiiumaa Kardla Hiiumaa Airport  
   Estonia Parnu Parnu Airport