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In an increasingly globalized world where business transcends national borders and international trade is a necessity, people are always looking for the best way to move products. Air freight is the fastest way to ship goods overseas for both private and corporate customers. Whether you are shipping personal items, gifts or products, air freight is a reliable and time saving method of transportation.
For personal shipping, air services will get your goods to their destination safely and quickly. For businesses, shipping by air will keep your business running smoothly. Many freight companies offer businesses combined air and land or air and sea services to save money while still keeping a reasonable time frame.
The history of air freight has been a story of constant growth. The first attempts at Air freight were made in the 1920s, but commercial shipping companies did not get involved until the 1950s. Today, with the technological advances in airplane technology and the huge increase in air cargo services, air freight is a safe and well organized business in itself. As international trade continues to grow, the demand for air cargo transport is steadily increasing.
In the United Kingdom, air freight is often a preferred method for export businesses since the country exports a large amount of high value goods such as technical instruments and so on. Air transport now covers nearly one third of the UK's freight transportation by value.
Air freight is extremely time efficient, usually shipping goods within one to two weeks, or within days for express services. The cost of air freight can be up to ten times that of shipping by sea, so it is usually used for smaller, high value shipments. It is also essential in transporting time sensitive goods, such as perishable food, flowers, and live products. International freight forwarding companies make a lucrative business from arranging the logistics of air cargo shipping, connecting customers and transport providers for mutually beneficial and efficient business.
Air freight is irrevocably linked to the ups and downs of air transport generally. When prices of fuel increase, the increased costs will be transferred to customers of freight forwarders. As efforts continue to reduce the environmental impact of carbon emissions caused by excessive air transport, air freight prices may rise. In the coming years we may see drastic changes in the way we transport goods, but for now air freight is a booming industry and an integral part of the world's international economy.

International Air Freight Shipping utilizes a number of different airlines to get your household or commercial freight to its destination fast. We offer same day or next day air cargo. You shipment will be loaded into air cans or if your shipment is small we can use commercial airlines.

Our air freight service is available nationally or internationally. If you have a time specific shipment you can trust that we'll get it there on time any day of the week (even weekends!). Our international shipping specialists are here to help you with your most sensitive and urgent cargo.

Whether it's national or international we'll provide the same quality service you've come to expect from us. If you need your goods there fast use air shipping from

International Air Freight Shipping