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新加坡共和国 (Chinese)
Republik Singapura (Malay)
சிங்கப்பூர் குடியரசு (Tamil)
International Shipping to Singapore
Capital Singapore
(Downtown Core, Central) 117′N 10350′E

International Shipping to Singapore

Singapore is a major international transportation hub in Asia, positioned on many sea and air trade routes. The Port of Singapore, managed by port operators PSA International and Jurong Port, was the world's second busiest port in 2005 in terms of shipping tonnage handled, at 1.15 billion gross tons, and in terms of containerized traffic, at 23.2 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). It is also the world's second busiest in terms of cargo tonnage, coming behind Shanghai with 423 million tons handled. In addition, the port is the world's busiest for transshipment traffic and the world's biggest ship refuelling centre.

Singapore is an aviation hub for the Southeast Asian region and a stopover on the Kangaroo route between Sydney and London. There are 8 total airports in the country, and Singapore Changi Airport hosts a network of 80 airlines connecting Singapore to 200 cities in 68 countries. It has been rated one of the best international airports by international travel magazines, including being rated as the world's best airport for the first time in 2006 by Skytrax. The national airline is Singapore Airlines.

The island has a road system covering 3,356 kilometers (2,085 mi) which includes 161 kilometers (100 mi) of expressways. The public road system is served by many bus services and a number of licensed taxi-operating companies, and thousands of people use these services every day. Since 1987, the heavy rail passenger Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) metro system has been in operation.

Map of Singapore

This is a list of airports in Singapore



Location served ICAO IATA Airport name Runway Coordinates
Public airports
Changi WSSS SIN Singapore Changi Airport / Changi Air Base 4,000 m 0121′33″N 10359′22″E / 1.35917N 103.98944E / 1.35917; 103.98944 (Singapore Changi Airport)
Seletar WSSL XSP Seletar Airport 1,592 m 0125′01″N 10352′04″E / 1.41694N 103.86778E / 1.41694; 103.86778 (Seletar Airport)
Military air bases
Changi WSAC Changi Air Base (West) 4,000 m 0122′34″N 10358′59″E / 1.37611N 103.98306E / 1.37611; 103.98306 (Changi Air Base (West))
Changi Changi Air Base (East) 2,748 m 0120′44″N 10400′35″E / 1.34556N 104.00972E / 1.34556; 104.00972 (Changi Air Base (East))
Paya Lebar WSAP QPG Paya Lebar Air Base (former Singapore Int'l Airport) 3,780 m 0121′37″N 10354′34″E / 1.36028N 103.90944E / 1.36028; 103.90944 (Paya Lebar Air Base)
Sembawang WSAG Sembawang Air Base (helicopter base) 1,907 m 0125′31″N 10348′46″E / 1.42528N 103.81278E / 1.42528; 103.81278 (Sembawang Air Base)
Tengah WSAT TGA Tengah Air Base 2,743 m 0123′14″N 10342′31″E / 1.38722N 103.70861E / 1.38722; 103.70861 (Tengah Air Base)
Other airstrips
Pulau Sudong Pulau Sudong Airstrip (military) 2,438 m 0112′19″N 10343′08″E / 1.20528N 103.71889E / 1.20528; 103.71889 (Pulau Sudong Airstrip)
Former airports
Kallang Kallang Airport (closed 1955) 1,677 m 0118′26″N 10352′24″E / 1.30722N 103.87333E / 1.30722; 103.87333 (former Kallang Airport)
Singapore Eastern Anchorage off the East Coast Park


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