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Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
State of Germany
Coordinates: 53°33′55″N 10°00′05″E / 53.56528°N 10.00139°E / 53.56528; 10.00139Coordinates: 53°33′55″N 10°00′05″E / 53.56528°N 10.00139°E / 53.56528; 10.00139

Port of Hamburg - Hamburger Hafen
Country Germany


Opened in 1911, Hamburg Airport, is situated in Fuhlsbüttel in the north of the city. In 2008, the airport had an area of 5.7 km2 (2.2 sq mi), and handled 152.271 take-offs and landings and 12,690,114 passengers in total. 33,108 t (36,495 short tons; 32,585 long tons) of cargo were transported. Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport is a private airport for EADS plant, situated in Finkenwerder, on the left bank of the Elbe river.

Hamburg is a major transportation hub in Germany. Hamburg is connected to four Autobahnen (motorways) and is the most important railway junction on the route to Scandinavia.

Bridges and tunnels connect the northern and southern parts of the city, such as the old Elbe Tunnel (Alter Elbtunnel) now a major tourist sight, and the Elbe Tunnel (Elbtunnel) the crossing of a motorway.

Hamburg Airport is the oldest airport in Germany still in operation. There is also the smaller Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport, used only as a company airport for Airbus. Some airlines market Lübeck Airport in Lübeck as serving Hamburg.

Hamburg's license plate prefix is HH (Hansestadt Hamburg, English: Hanseatic city of Hamburg), rather than just the single-letter normally used for large cities such as B for Berlin or M for Munich. The prefix "H" is used by Hanover instead.

Port of Hamburg - Hamburger Hafen

The Port of Hamburg (German mostly: Hamburger Hafen) is a port in Hamburg, Germany, on the river Elbe. The harbour is located 110 kilometres from the mouth of the Elbe into the North Sea.

It is named Germany's "Gateway to the World" and is the largest port in Germany. It is the second-busiest port in Europe (after the port of Rotterdam), in terms of TEU throughput, and 11th-largest worldwide. 9.74 million containers were handled in Hamburg in 2008.

The harbour covers an area of 73.99 km² (64.80 km² usable), of which 43.31 km² (34.12 km²) are land areas. The location is naturally advantaged by a branching Elbe, creating an ideal place for a port complex with warehousing and transshipment facilities. The extensive free port also enables toll-free shipping.

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