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Bulgaria Airports

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List of airports in Bulgaria

This is a list of airports in Bulgaria, grouped by type and sorted by location.

The Republic of Bulgaria is a country in the Balkans in southeastern Europe. It borders five other countries: Romania to the north (mostly along the River Danube), Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west, and Greece and Turkey to the south. The Black Sea defines the extent of the country to the east. Bulgaria is divided into 28 provinces which are subdivided into 260 municipalities.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

Location Province ICAO IATA DAFIF Airport name Coordinates
Burgas / Sarafovo Burgas LBBG BOJ Burgas Airport 4234′10″N 02730′54″E / 42.56944N 27.515E / 42.56944; 27.515 (Burgas Airport)
Gorna Oryahovitsa Veliko Tarnovo LBGO GOZ Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport 4309′05″N 02542′46″E / 43.15139N 25.71278E / 43.15139; 25.71278 (Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport)
Plovdiv / Krumovo Plovdiv LBPD PDV Plovdiv Airport 4204′04″N 02451′03″E / 42.06778N 24.85083E / 42.06778; 24.85083 (Plovdiv Airport)
Rousse (Ruse) / Shtraklevo Rousse LBRS ROU Ruse Airport (not operational) 4341′41″N 02603′24″E / 43.69472N 26.05667E / 43.69472; 26.05667 (Ruse Airport)
Sofia Sofia-city LBSF SOF Sofia Airport 4241′42″N 02324′22″E / 42.695N 23.40611E / 42.695; 23.40611 (Sofia Airport)
Stara Zagora Stara Zagora LBSZ SZR Stara Zagora Airport (not operational) 4222′36″N 02539′18″E / 42.37667N 25.655E / 42.37667; 25.655 (Stara Zagora Airport)
Varna / Aksakovo Varna LBWN VAR Varna Airport 4313′55″N 02749′30″E / 43.23194N 27.825E / 43.23194; 27.825 (Varna Airport)
Certified airfields
Balchik (Balchic) Dobrich LBWB LB25 Balchik Airfield 4325′28″N 02810′51″E / 43.42444N 28.18083E / 43.42444; 28.18083 (Balchik Airfield)
Bohot Pleven Bohot-LM Airfield 4318′23″N 02441′29″E / 43.30639N 24.69139E / 43.30639; 24.69139 (Bohot-LM Airfield)
Grivitsa (Grivitza, Grivica) Pleven Grivitza Airfield 4324′00″N 02446′00″E / 43.4N 24.7666667E / 43.4; 24.7666667 (Grivitza Airfield)
Dolna Banya (Dolna Bania) Sofia LBDB Dolna Bania Airfield 4218′31″N 02349′13″E / 42.30861N 23.82028E / 42.30861; 23.82028 (Dolna Bania Airfield)
Erden / Bojchinovci Montana LBED Erden Airfield 4329′57″N 02318′17″E / 43.49917N 23.30472E / 43.49917; 23.30472 (Erden Airfield)
Izgrev / Kalimantsi Varna Izgrev Airfield 4316′38″N 02742′07″E / 43.27722N 27.70194E / 43.27722; 27.70194 (Izgrev Airfield)
Ihtiman Sofia Ihtiman Airfield 4225′19″N 02346′02″E / 42.42194N 23.76722E / 42.42194; 23.76722 (Ihtiman Airfield)
Kainardja (Kaynardzha) Silistra Kainardja Airfield 4358′13″N 02728′10″E / 43.97028N 27.46944E / 43.97028; 27.46944 (Kainardja Airfield)
Lesnovo / Elin Pelin Sofia LBLS Lesnovo Airfield 4238′04″N 02338′47″E / 42.63444N 23.64639E / 42.63444; 23.64639 (Lesnovo Airfield)
Polikraishte Veliko Tarnovo Polikraishte Airfield 4311′57″N 02538′27″E / 43.19917N 25.64083E / 43.19917; 25.64083 (Polikraishte Airfield)
Primorsko Burgas LBPR Primorsko Airfield 4215′33″N 02742′11″E / 42.25917N 27.70306E / 42.25917; 27.70306 (Primorsko Airfield)
Other airfields
Kazanlak Stara Zagora LBKA Kalvacha Airport 4235′41″N 02525′13″E / 42.59472N 25.42028E / 42.59472; 25.42028 (Kalvacha Airport)
Military airports
Bezmer Yambol LBIA JAM LB44 Bezmer Air Base 4227′17″N 02621′08″E / 42.45472N 26.35222E / 42.45472; 26.35222 (Bezmer Air Base)
Buhovtsi (Bukhovtsi) Targovishte LBTG TGV Buhovtsi Airfield (Targovishte Airport) 4318′24″N 02642′00″E / 43.30667N 26.7E / 43.30667; 26.7 (Buhovtsi Airfield)
Dobroslavtsi Sofia-city LBSD LB20 Dobroslavtsi Air Base (Kumaritsa) 4248′44″N 02317′58″E / 42.81222N 23.29944E / 42.81222; 23.29944 (Dobroslavtsi Air Base)
Dolna Mitropolia Pleven LBPL PVN LB41 Dolna Mitropolia Air Base 4327′05″N 02430′10″E / 43.45139N 24.50278E / 43.45139; 24.50278 (Dolna Mitropolia Air Base)
Gabrovnitsa Montana LBMG LB15 Gabrovnitsa Air Base 4332′39″N 02316′21″E / 43.54417N 23.2725E / 43.54417; 23.2725 (Gabrovnitsa Air Base)
Graf Ignatievo Plovdiv LBPG LB21 Graf Ignatievo Air Base 4217′25″N 02442′50″E / 42.29028N 24.71389E / 42.29028; 24.71389 (Graf Ignatievo Air Base)
Ravnets (Ravnetz) Burgas LBBR Ravnets Air Base 4231′37″N 02716′05″E / 42.52694N 27.26806E / 42.52694; 27.26806 (Ravnets Air Base)
Silistra Silistra LBSS SLS LB12 Silistra Airfield (Polkovnik Lambrinovo) 4403′18″N 02710′43″E / 44.055N 27.17861E / 44.055; 27.17861 (Silistra Airfield)
Sliven Sliven LBSL LB17 Sliven Airfield 4238′46″N 02621′33″E / 42.64611N 26.35917E / 42.64611; 26.35917 (Sliven Airfield)
Uzundzhovo (Uzundjovo) Haskovo LBHS HKV LB14 Uzundzhovo Air Base 4158′34″N 02535′23″E / 41.97611N 25.58972E / 41.97611; 25.58972 (Uzundzhovo Air Base)
Vidin Vidin LBVD VID LB40 Vidin Airfield 4401′20″N 02248′58″E / 44.02222N 22.81611E / 44.02222; 22.81611 (Vidin Airfield)

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Rank Airport City Code
2008 2009 2010 Change
1. Sofia Airport Sofia Bulgaria SOF/LBSF 3,219,911 3,121,838 3,296,936 increase 5,2%
2. Burgas Airport Burgas Bulgaria BOJ/LBBG 1,925,266 1,689,866 1,894,109 increase 11,1%
3. Varna Airport Varna Bulgaria VAR/LBWN 1,432,703 1,206,535 1,227,422 increase 0,6%
4. Plovdiv Airport Plovdiv Bulgaria PDV/LBPD 61,276 24,919 increase
5. Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport Gorna Oryahovitsa Bulgaria GOZ/LBGO 452 234 increase
TOTAL 6,639,608 6,043,392 increase

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