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Belgium Airports

The regions and provinces of Belgium

This is a list of airports in Belgium, sorted by location.

List of airports in Belgium


This is a list of aerodromes in Belgium, grouped by region and sorted by location.


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Aerodrome names shown in bold indicate airports with scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served / Location Province ICAO IATA Aerodrome name Type
Flemish Region (Flanders)
Antwerp / Deurne Antwerp EBAW ANR Antwerp International Airport Public
Balen Antwerp EBKH Balen-Keiheuvel Airfield Public
Brasschaat Antwerp EBBT Brasschaat Airfield Public
Bruges / Ostend West Flanders EBOS OST Ostend-Bruges International Airport Public
Brustem (FR, NL) / Sint-Truiden Limburg EBST Brustem Airport Public
Genk Limburg EBZW Zwartberg Airfield Public
Geraardsbergen / Overboelare (FR, NL) East Flanders EBGG Geraardsbergen Airfield Public
Goetsenhoven (FR, NL) Flemish Brabant EBTN Goetsenhoven Air Base Military
Grimbergen Flemish Brabant EBGB Grimbergen Airfield Public
Hasselt Limburg EBZH Kiewit airfield Public
Hoevenen (FR, NL) Antwerp EBHN Hoevenen Airfield Public
Kleine Brogel Limburg EBBL Kleine Brogel Air Base Military
Koksijde West Flanders EBFN Koksijde Air Base Military
Kortrijk / Wevelgem West Flanders EBKT KJK Kortrijk-Wevelgem International Airport Public
Leopoldsburg / Beverlo (FR, NL) Limburg EBLE Beverlo Air Base Military
Moorsele (FR, NL) West Flanders EBMO Moorsele Airport Public/Mil.
Ursel (FR, NL) East Flanders EBUL Ursel Air Base Military
Weelde (FR, NL) Antwerp EBWE Weelde Air Base Military
Brussels / Zaventem Flemish Brabant EBBR
BRU Brussels Airport
Melsbroek Air Base
Zoersel / Oostmalle Antwerp EBZR OBL Zoersel-Oostmalle Airfield Public/Mil.
Zutendaal Limburg EBSL Zutendaal Air Base Military
Walloon Region (Wallonia)
Amougies Hainaut EBAM Amougies Airfield Restricted
Beauvechain Walloon Brabant EBBE Beauvechain Air Base Military
Bertrix Luxembourg EBBX Jehonville Air Base Military
Cerfontaine Namur EBCF Cerfontaine Airport Public
Charleroi Hainaut EBCI CRL Brussels South Charleroi Airport Public
Chièvres Hainaut EBCV Chièvres Air Base (U.S. Air Force) Military
Elsenborn Liège EBLB Elsenborn-Butgenbach Airport Military
Florennes Namur EBFS Florennes Air Base Military
Liège Liège EBLG LGG Liège Airport Public/Mil.
Namur Namur EBNM QNM Suarlée Airport Public
Saint-Ghislain Hainaut EBSG Saint-Ghislain Airport Public
Saint-Hubert Luxembourg EBSH Saint-Hubert Airport Public
Saint-Hubert Luxembourg EBSU Saint-Hubert Air Base Military
Spa Liège EBSP Spa-La Sauveniere Airport Public
Theux Liège EBTX Verviers Airport Public
Tournai Hainaut EBTY Maubray Airport Public


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